The Most Common Question Asked By The Most Caring People:

How Can I Help ?

With nearly 30,000,000 people affected in just the United States with a rare disease, there is a high likelihood that YOU know someone who is affected by a rare disease. When we saw these numbers, this is when we realized that RARE IS MORE COMMON THAN YOU THINK. 

We have found there are 3 ways you can Take Part in this Fight For Possible! 


~ Personal or Corporate Donation

~ Amazon Smile

~Employee Matching

~ Being a Participant in an Event 


~ Connect us w/ Local Leaders

~ Share any event or on Social

~ Invite Local business to get involved

~ Connect us with a foundation who could help with funding


~ Create/Host your own event or fundraiser

~ Connect us w/ researchers and doctors for future projects

~ Connect us w/ families fighting a rare condition that can create a Warrior Page

P.S. We've Done The Work For You!

We have spent hours putting together information on how you can help in any of the three ways listed above.  This includes donation information, logos, fonts, images, social media post ideas and templates, and anything else you may need to EASILY Take Part – Donate, Advocate, or Innovate

**Email Info@Take-Part.org to access ALL you may need to Take Part!**

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