5th Annual Take Part Donut Run

Run, Walk, Crawl

…Eat a Donut?

At the Take Part Donut Run, we Encourage It All!

Join us September 10th, 2022 for our 5th Annual Donut Run! 

On September 10th, 2022 friends from all over the world will be participating from their respective locations in the Fifth Annual Take Part Donut Run! 5 years ago, we wanted to do something a little different…but a lot of fun. Run AND eat donuts at the same time! Some people may think we’re crazy, but we know its for a great cause!


Everyone and anyone is welcome!


Run/Walk/Crawl…whatever you feel like doing + maybe eat some donuts along the way if you feel like it!


September 10th, 2022 from 11 AM-4 PM 


 If you are in the St. Louis area, we will be at the Frankie Martin’s Gardens in Cottleville!

If you are participating anywhere else in the world, you can choose your route and also gather your own people locally to make it a fun event!


To come together and raise money that supports research for very rare pediatric diseases! Oftentimes, research that would result in therapies for these very rare diseases go unfunded because of the small number of people known to have one particular disease. But together, these very rare diseases affect thousands of young people worldwide! This matters to us.

So, here are the delicious details on how YOU can participate – mix and match any of these running/walking combos with one, two, or 13 donuts!

The Donut Hole:1 Mile Run/Jog/Walk

Up the game by eating 1 donut or donut hole during your run!

The Glaze 5K Run/Jog/Walk

Take it up a notch by eating 3 donut holes or donuts during your run!

The Sprinkle: 10K Run/Jog/Walk

Take it up a notch by eating 5 donut holes or donuts during your run!

The Bakers Dozen Half Marathon: 13.1 Mile Run/Jog/Walk

Take it up a notch by scarfing down 13 donut holes or donuts during your run!

We know, it’s pretty dang silly to eat donuts while we run. But sometimes it takes a little silly and a whole lot of heart to create MEGA awareness and help our kids fight for possible!

To Take Part, register below.