So, why are we asking you to give up $6.03 on June 3rd? 


If over 8,000 people give up their coffee and donuts today – roughly $6.03 – we can raise over $50,000 towards funding research for rare pediatric diseases – like PYROXD-1 for our little Nat G and her warrior friends.  We thought it would be fitting to ask you to do this with us on June 3rd – National Donut Day – in preparation for our Annual Donut Run in September! 

We are encouraging everyone to donate $6.03 on this day, and to gather their friends, family and co-workers together to do the same.  You can donate $6.03 on your own or make your own “team” by asking your workplace, gym, church, or family to donate along with you and see the combined effect you can have fighting for possible together! 

Here’s how you can join in the fight:

  1. Sign up via email at the top of this page and choose individual or team.
  2. RSVP here to our “virtual” event on Facebook so you can be reminded easily when it’s go time!  

Are you down for extra credit?

After you join the fight, let us know on social @TakePartFoundation by tagging us in a post and inviting some of your friends, family, and coworkers to join you!

We can’t do this alone.  We need your help so our warriors can see possibilities play out in their lives today! 

So, will you join the fight?