How Projects Work

Each project is required to present a research case description, anticipated funding needs, project timing and proposed milestones. We also require that the team applying have 20% of the initial project funding in place. Our Take Part Foundation advisors (comprised of doctors, business executives and leaders within partner organizations) then review the application for validity of project model and medical assumptions, financial evaluation and proof of concept.

Once accepted, each Take Part project is assigned a project manager by the foundation. Our project manager will be responsible for oversight, including collaborating to set agreed upon project milestones and metrics, ensuring the receipt of updates on results, reporting to and validating with the foundation’s advisory board, as well as allocating project funding to the designated institution. It’s important to note that funding will only be issued to the institution affiliated with the project; funding will not be given directly to the research team or to any individual.


We are looking for families or a group of doctors/researchers who are trying to work towards publication that can lead to ongoing funding from some of the largest institutions.  These rare diseases will only get attention if:

There are enough people who can pay for the cure; or if there is a clear path to discovering something.

With so few people having the same disease, we find there is a lot of interest in what we will find in these publication and studies. 

We won’t find a cure for all of our projects, but we will continue to make progress in our knowledge of what we can do to help each and every child and family impacted by these rare diseases.

If you are interested in suggesting a future project, please click below and fill out the application. 

Current Projects