We Invite You to Take Part

If you are here - you likely know or have a child fighting a rare medical condition. And as a parent in your boots Maria, our founder, wants to share with you a quick note about how this Warrior Page isn't just fun for sharing your kiddo's story - but can also be a life-saving tool!

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Before you go any further - take 3 minutes and create your free warrior account. Once you do that, you will be one of our Take Part Warriors & we can help you from there!

We love helping other parents as we have helped many before.  This is a service that has saved our daughter’s life and help many other warriors better tell the story they go through without having to constantly repeat yourself!  Although we can help you raise money for research for your warrior (Which is what we thought would be our main focus) we have found these warrior pages (which are 100% covered by donations) are wildly beneficial for both you, your family, your friends, and the people who care for your warrior, so everyone has the accurate information!  We are blessed and happy to be able to share this with you as well. 

We have found most of our donors have been able to help us with these expenses through monthly donations.  Please, if you feel called, we want to make it simple and easy to support many Take Part Warriors and their warrior pages!